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Notes and news — October 1983

In this issue:

The Gunpowder Plot, Bedfont

On 27 June a group including members of GLIAS and local societies, under the leadership of Phil Philo, made a preliminary visit to the remains of Bedfont Gunpowder Mills.


The history of the site will be researched this winter, with a recording visit next spring. Meanwhile, this note relays David Thomas' impressions......

We met at Bamber Bridge on a fine evening, looking down on the confluence of the Crane and Duke of Northumberland’s Rivers. Phil's maps showed buildings scattered over a wide area (to minimise effect of explosions), with a maze of water channels. Unfortunately only the eastern part of the site had not been built on.

Delving into the trees and bushes, we first discovered two substantial walls, one either side of the river, at the site of a mill and just below a weir. Next came a couple of blast mounds (2) and foundations of a building with evidence of a water wheel (3). Then a small aquaduct (4), with scanty signs of the former glazing mill. Finally, the side walls of a further mill on the River (5). There were other small buildings and the base of an edge-runner.

I loved it and look forward to using a spade to unearth more — see the April '84 Newsletter!

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