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The Paul Calvocoressi Bursary

The Fund was established with a generous bequest from Paul Calvocoressi. Paul was an expert on historic (particularly industrial) buildings in London successively with the GLC's Historic Buildings Division, English Heritage's London Region and the London Borough of Southwark. He was closely involved in the recording and conservation of London's Docklands and was an enthusiastic member of GLIAS until his death in 2012.

Bursaries (up to £1,000) to support and enhance Industrial Archaeology in its widest sense in the Greater London Region, e.g. supporting fieldwork, toward a restoration project, publication, enhancing the public understanding of IA, etc. Applicants do not have to live in the London area nor be members of GLIAS although this is desirable but the work proposed must centre on the London region. A presentation at a future GLIAS meeting or in our Journal is desirable. There is no fixed style for the application but it should not exceed two A4 pages.
To request more details please contact the GLIAS Secretary. Email:

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