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Notes and news — June 1975

In this issue:

Addington Beam Engine under steam

Many of you will know the beautiful engines at Addington near Croydon. Well, this will be your last chance to see them at work. They are finally shutting down around the end of June, beginning of July and the water authority are having an open day to allow people to see them. The exact date is not yet known.

The boilers in Addington when still being fired in early 1975

Clapham Survey

The survey got under way with a preliminary walk on 20th May. An hour's library work produced a list of likely sites from the 25" O.S. maps, with names and functions of the firms thereat from Kelly's Street Directory. Several local members are forming a nucleus of a working group to cover the sites noted — a soap works, billiard hall and piano factory. Immediate work involves arranging visits, plus some research on the history of these sites. We're holding a working meeting on 20th June to decide what needs to be done. Please come if you are interested. To get extra info or to offer your help (particularly welcome if you can manage weekdays), contact David Perrett (51 Norfolk House Road, SW16), Denise Carter (228 2753), Chris Davis (674 1276), Tom Hastie (733 2935), Malcolm Jones (789 3855) or David Thomas (735 2132).

Bethnal Green Survey

Jill Baulch, 28 Goodwyn's Walk, N10 (883 0586) needs information on: Artisan flats in Montclare Street, E2, west side of street. Communal wash/bath house still has slipper baths and other equipment. Anyone know anything about the date of this estate and also about communal bath houses? Also Cheshire Street, E2 between the street and the railway is a two-storey building with ventilation slats above the windows and ramp access to the upper floor. Used for railway horses at nearby Bishopsgate goods? Can anyone confirm this and suggest when last used?

General notes on recording visits

To take advantage of the summer weather, we've got a number of visits arranged. Usually we need a mixture of photography, sketching, measure drawing and, very important, general notes (it's pointless getting detailed information on a warehouse roof, internal columns and windows if we forget to note how many storeys it has, for example.) For this we need to use one or more of the following:

We usually work in teams, so it's easy for newcomers to learn what to do. In addition to the published recording dates, we invariably do several site visits during the week at lunch time or after work — usually at short notice. Any members free for particular days during the week are invited to contact Robert Vickers or David Thomas. All assistance is gratefully received.

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