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Notes and news — June 1970

In this issue:

Windmills around London — a GLIAS Project

This survey, suggested in Newsletter No.6 (GLIAS Newsletter February 1970), is currently being undertaken by Martin Salzer, Jonathan Hopton, Ian Mitchell and others. The group are currently locating and investigating all existing windmill sites (including those where only traces remain) within a 30-mile radius of Central London. The aim is firstly to compile a comprehensive Gazetteer for this area, listing location, type of mill, state, owner, accessibility, etc. This will be published as a GLIAS supplement.

Following this, it is hoped to draw up details of all published material, plans and drawings of these mills, noting where this information is located. This will prove invaluable to others interested in these fascinating monuments of power. The Project group are not carrying out a full historical investigation into each site. Their aim is to locate all existing sites, keep an eye on any threatened by redevelopment and find out which have been recorded in detail. Anyone wishing to help, or with useful information, please contact Martin Salzer, 2 Oldfield Road, Bexleyheath, Kent.

Some areas have already received detailed attention from others: the finest wind mill book for a long time is 'The Windmills of Surrey and Inner London' by K.G. Farries and M.T. Mason (Charles Skilton, 1966, 5 guineas). This book is a classic of its kind, and it is encouraging to hear that Mr Farries is now at work on the Windmills of Essex. Assisting in this is the Passmore Edwards Museum, Romford Road, Stratford, E15, which is collecting all information for the old county of Essex. Other information on Essex mills recently published includes Anthony Butler's booklet on Upminster Mill and 'Essex Windmills — a 1969 Report' by W.G.S. Tonkin in Essex Journal, Vol.V, No.1 (Jan. 1970)

But much remains to be done in outer Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire, so here is scope for plenty of original, research and fieldwork.

Survey of the Grand Surrey Canal

The Grand Surrey Canal from Rotherhithe to Camberwell is to be investigated by David Dunn. As the canal is threatened by the forthcoming closure of Surrey Commercial Docks, it is important to carry out a field study now to record canal equipment and note canal-side premises. Mr Dunn would like a colleague for this project: anyone interested, contact him at 263 Norwood Road, London, SE24 (Tel: 674-6181).

Recording Gas Street Lamps, etc. in Chelsea & Westminster

These items of street furniture are fast disappearing, but Mr Richards has done some recording work in the Chelsea and Westminster areas. Would anyone in that area interested in helping write to Mr R.P.G. Richards at 1 Beaufort Street, London, SW3.

The Cinema Theatre Association

Members may be interested to know of the Cinema Theatre Association, founded in 1967, which aims to encourage serious interest and research into the historical development, archaeology and social importance of the cinema theatre. Visits are organised, in particular to buildings now closed or converted to other use; occasional meetings are held; a bi-monthly bulletin published; and members are encouraged to work towards the establishment of a documentary collection.

Subscription is 20/- per annum in the London area. Further details from the Hon. Sec. and Treasurer, Mr Marcus Eavis, 123B Central Road, Worcester Park, Surrey.

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