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Notes and news — September 1969

In this issue:


The Reliant, alleged to be the last operational side-lever engined paddle-tug anywhere in the world, is to become part of the Greenwich Maritime Museum. The 100-foot long Reliant will be one of the exhibits in the new Neptune Hall, due to be opened in 1971.

Public Baths & Wash-houses

The Public Baths and Wash-house is a feature of the London scene that could well disappear during the next decade. Many were built during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and already some have vanished, swept away by the pressures of redevelopment. Often the buildings themselves are of architectural interest, and several possibly contain interesting equipment. Cheshire Street Baths, Shoreditch, E2 (TQ 340822) is known to contain twin Galloway boilers of 1899, and some early (1928) washing machines.

The investigation of these important monuments of town life could make a worthwhile project for the coming winter evenings and weekends. Anyone interested in the subject should first try to obtain a copy of 'Public Baths and Wash-houses' by A.W.S. Cross (Batsford, London, 1906), which is a mine of information.

Two Items That Need Recording

Photographs and measurements should be taken of these two items before they vanish.

1. Obsolete canal winch by Redpath, Limehouse: adjacent to former Limehouse Lock (now filled in), on the Limehouse Cut. At end of four canal cottages off Narrow Street, Limehouse, E14 (TQ 364807)

2. Early 19th-century wooden wallcrane, in yard of Scotts Wharf, corner of Mill Street and Dockhead, SE1 (TQ 338797)

Hatcham Ironworks, Pomeroy Street, SE14

Mr Arthur Adams is carrying out research on this ironworks, now occupied by the General Engine and Boiler Co. Ltd. He is particularly interested in the works between the years 1853-75. He would appreciate assistance in locating sources of material on the works, old pictures, etc. His address is 59 Sevenoaks Road, Crofton Park, London, SE4.

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