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Book reviews — August 2023

The estimable Brewery History Society is clearing space in its warehouse for new publications and is offering Mike Brown's London Brewed: A historical directory of commercial brewers of London from circa 1650 at a magnificently reduced price of ₤10.00.

This work, first published in 2015, represents over 10 years of careful and painstaking research into the brewing firms that operated in the capital over the past 350 or so years. Some of the names are very familiar and Brown gives an objective report on their development, perhaps even offering a different history to that recorded in their own biographies! He tracks each brewer, showing dates and presenting well researched facts.

Many of the individual histories are illustrated with adverts, labels and photographs, some in colour. You can find out more about Mann, Calvert, Hammerton, Huggins and Hoares: names that now only just remain in the collective consciousness.

An essential book for all those interested in London's unique brewing history (ISBN 978-1-873966-17-2 426 pages A4 colour softback Price ₤10.00).
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