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Book reviews — February 2023

'The Industries of Deptford Creek', by Mary Mills
In conjunction with the Creek Signage Project
This book describes some of the industries on Deptford Creek from the Norman Conquest to the present day. The Creek, the river Ravensbourne, runs under the Dover Road to the Thames adjacent to Royal Greenwich.

In early days it developed industries which served the Royal Court as well as providing sites for Tudor, and later, military ambitions.

It has been a busy workplace for many centuries and includes sites of national importance, from the Tudor Armoury Mill to the first public supply electrical power station in the world. It is crossed by the first suburban railway in the world. Engineering works include Penn's internationally famous marine engine site, and Merryweather's fire engine factory. Chemical works range from the 17th-century copperas works to J B Lawes' breakthrough superphosphate factory. Hi-tech instrumentation and systems were developed here by Elliotts and the revolutionary Tideway Tunnel is being built from a site on its banks. There is an enormous range of businesses, large and small, crammed onto the banks of this small and unpretentious river.

'The Industries of Deptford Creek', by Mary Mills

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