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Book reviews — February 2020

The I'Ansons: A dynasty of London Architects & Surveyors

'The I'Ansons: A dynasty of London Architects & Surveyors', by Peter Jefferson Smith
Available, price £20, from the Clapham Society website:

Former GLIAS member Peter Jefferson Smith, who died in December 2018, had completed at the time of his death the text of a book about the I'Anson family of architects after 25 years of research.

However, the book lacked illustrations, notes and an index. As a tribute to Peter, who was a distinguished Clapham resident and local historian, the Clapham Society has recently completed and published the book.

A highly successful dynasty of architects and surveyors, the three Edward I'Ansons, father, son, and grandson, rose to eminence by means of reliability, networking and sheer indefatigable energy.

From their original base in the City of London, where Edward I'Anson junior pioneered the design of purpose-built office buildings, they spread outwards, building and surveying all over London's southern suburbs, notably Clapham, where they lived for years.

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