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Book reviews — February 2016

'Tide Mills of Kent', by Alex Vincent
20 pages. ISBN 978-1-989753-11-8. Copies are available from the Mills Archive Bookshop, Reading, via the website, price £3.95 plus p&p
This short booklet identifies 22 former tide mills along the north Kent coast from Greenwich to Sandwich, shown on a hand-drawn map. After a short introduction to the history and role of tide mills, it summarises what is known about each of them, with colour illustrations (mostly the author's own photographs) where available. However, many if the mills went out of operation centuries ago and little or nothing remains of them. Only two buildings survive: the old Flood Mill at Deptford, which was rebuilt as a steam flour mill, of which only Mumford's Mill still stands, now a block of flats; and Twyman's Mill at Faversham, also now flats. The booklet identifies five mills in the Greater London area: three in Deptford; the mill at East Greenwich, which was able to operate in both directions of the tidal flow [see London's Industrial Archaeology 13, pp 32-41]; and the medieval mill on the west side of the Greenwich peninsula, on which there was a GLIAS lecture in February 2014. The booklet concludes with a short discussion on the sites of other possible tide mills, for which the author finds the evidence inconclusive, including Dover and Woolwich. Brian Strong

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