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Book reviews — April 2012

'The Canal Pioneers: Brindley's School Of Engineers', by GLIAS member Christopher Lewis
Published by The History Press, 28 November 2011, £14.99 paperback. ISBN: 978-0-7524-6166-3. Web:
James Brindley is well known as one of the pioneers of the British canal system. Although untutored, he developed and laid down the principles of early canal construction. What is less known is that he created what has been called a 'School of Engineers' who assisted and supported him and continued the work after his death: Hugh Henshall, Samuel Simcock, Robert Whitworth, Josiah Clowes and Thomas Dadford. In documenting their lives and work, Christopher Lewis had to bring together a wide range of sources, including genealogical sources, canal records and other records. He also covers the methods of construction of the canals and problems which arose, eg in constructing tunnels and embankments, locks, puddling and water supply. There is also an impressive seven-page bibliography and an index. Copies will be available at a discount price at SERIAC and the AGM. Brian James-Strong

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