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Book reviews — August 2009

'Brentford Dock & Railway', by Diana Willment
£7:50 post free in UK. Available locally in Brentford or can be ordered from the author. Email Tel: 020 8560 5932. ISBN 978-0-9540590-5-7. Published July 2009. 100+ pages, 23,000+ words, 45 illustrations, 24 sections, introduction, bibliography, sources, index
This well-illustrated book describes the origins, construction and operation of Brentford Dock in West London — written from the viewpoint of local history. Surprisingly it is the first book on the subject which seeing that I K Brunel was involved is quite astonishing — it may well induce other publications on the same topic. As well as the dock itself the GWR branch from Southall is covered and there is interest here for the railway enthusiast. A passenger train service was operated along the line to Brentford until 1942. Brentford Dock closed in 1964 and is now a marina surrounded by housing. There is a considerable use of quotations in the book and these make up a good deal of the text. The booklet has a substantial index. Bob Carr

'The Lea Valley Series', by Jim Lewis
Published by Middlesex University Press. Web:
A new series of five books: 'From Gunpowder to Guns'; 'Water and Waste'; 'Battleships, Buses and Bombers'; 'Industry and Innovation'; 'From Eton Manor to the Olympics'. All illustrated with contemporary photographs and images.

'Camden Railway Heritage Trail'
Copies can be obtained from Peter Darley. Email:
This is a useful booklet describing the railway remains at Camden Town and should be of interest to GLIAS members. It is produced by the Camden Railway Heritage Trust and will be on sale in the Camden area price £2.95.

On first inspection it appears to be quite accurate but there is an unfortunate caption misdating a very obviously pre-war colour view of Camden locomotive depot, complete with a blue streamlined train heading north and locomotives emblazoned LMS (c.1938 rather than 1958). This error presumably took place at the printers — not uncommon. Captions do tend to be troublesome.

Anyway the booklet describes a trail from Primrose Hill to Camden Lock and Chalk Farm in a manner reminiscent of the GLIAS walk leaflets. The later part of the route goes eastwards from Fitzroy Bridge along the Regent's Canal to Camden Lock and then northwards along Chalk Farm Road finishing at the Roundhouse. This is probably the most interesting part of the trail for GLIAS members. Bob Carr

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