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Book reviews — October 2007

'The Industrial Revolutionaries', by Gavin Weightman
400pp, Atlantic, £20
This was reviewed in the Saturday Guardian (18.08.07) by Kathryn Hughes.

She 'finds the devil is in the detail in a sweeping survey of industrial history'.

Weightman's 'slightly misleading title, his subject is not so much the individuals who came up with the ideas and expertise that made the modern world as the pathways by which that information was disseminated, tweaked and ultimately transformed as it found its way across continents. Those pathways, naturally enough involve human subjects, but less in their heroic, isolated, huddled-over-a-microscope mode than as sociable selves. If Weightman's book is about anything, it is about baton-passing'. Hence, should be an interesting read to enable us to see the wider picture of IA. Peter J Butt

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