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Book reviews — October 2004

'Treasures of the National Maritime Museum', edited by Gloria Clifton and Nigel Rigby
256 pages, over 300 colour photographs. Hardback £25. ISBN 0948065427
Treasures of the National Maritime Museum is an illustrated A-Z guide to the National Maritime Museum's maritime collection, featuring 300 of the museum's most important items. The book is more than a catalogue and features short essays (eg Sail to Steam) to illustrate the historical context. Industrial archaeologists will find much of interest, including pages on Brunel, the Thames, Lowry's painting of Deptford Power Station, docks, dockyards and shipyards. As befits the world's largest maritime collection there is a wealth of items chosen for their historical significance. Key items include the uniform that Nelson was wearing when he was shot at the Battle of Trafalgar — complete with bullet hole; John Harrison's timepieces that contributed to solving the 'longitude problem' in the 18th century; and Captain Bligh's bowl and beaker, used to measure rations in his open-boat voyage after the mutiny on the Bounty (c1789).

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