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Book reviews - October 2001

'The London Papers: Studies in British Paper History Vol III', edited by Peter Bower and Daven Chamberlain
July 2001. 24 pages
Includes papers on Matthias Koops at Neckinger Mill, Bermondsey; the Chelsea Mill of the Straw Paper Company; and Neckinger Mill Paper and Watermarks.

'What the Victorians Did For Us', by Adam Hart-Davis
Hardcover - 224 pages. September 2001. ISBN: 0747210101
The Victorian era was a time of extraordinary prosperity and development in Britain. Britain was a world leader in steam engines, iron and steel production, cotton and woollen mills and international trade; an explosion of power and pride that was celebrated in the Great Exhibition of 1851. This is a celebration of Victorian achievements and a reflection of the fact that we still live in a Victorian world.

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