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Book reviews - October 2000

'The Big Dig: Archaeology and the Jubilee Line Extension', by James Drummond-Murray, Chris Thomas and Jane Sidell, with Adrian Miles
ISBN 1-901992-05-5. 44 pages, paperback. Published by Museum of London Archaeology Service. Price £4.99. Available from MoLAS, Walker House, 87 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4AB. Tel: 020 7410 2200
Throughout the construction of the Jubilee Line extension (1992-98) the Museum of London Archaeology Service worked closely with London Underground to examine and record groundworks along the route. This booklet records some of the findings, from Neolithic times right up to the present day. With many pictures of findings and construction work, together with lively text, this is an accessible overview to a one-off chance to scratch beneath the capital's surface.

'The Day The World Took Off', by Sally Dugan and David Dugan
ISBN 0752218700. 192 pages, hardback. Published in April 2000 by Channel 4 books. Available from retail outlets priced £18.99 or through the Channel 4 book orderline on 01624 844444
An attempt to explain how technology evolves and why the industrial revolution began in Britain, but transformed only a limited number of countries. The authors use first-hand accounts to document the social, economic and intellectual changes that caused the differentially developed modern world.

'Damnable Inventions, Chilworth Gunpowder and Paper Mills', by Glenys and Alan Crocker
The book is offered to members of SIHG at £6.50 (p&p free) from Glenys & Alan Crocker, 6 Burwood Close, Guildford GU1 2SB, cheques payable to SIHG but non-members had better check if this price applies to them
The Chilworth gunpowder mills worked almost continuously from 1620 to 1920 and paper mills operated alongside from 1704 to 1875. The stories of the two mills are brought together in this book which is a new and greatly expanded edition of two earlier books, Chilworth Gunpowder by Glenys Crocker and Paper Mills on the Tillingbourne by Alan Crocker.

'Northmet. A History of the North Metropolitan Electric Power Supply Company, the North Metropolitan Electric Power Distribution Company and the North Metropolitan Power Station Company', by N C Friswell
£15.00 p&p free from N C Friswell, 19 Clarence Road, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5SJ. Tel/fax: 01403 261905
There are surely some members who are interested in the generation and supply of electricity in North London.

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