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Book reviews - August 2000

'The Engineering and History of Rocket', by Michael R Bailey and John P Glithero
ISBN 1-900747-18-9. 186 pages, paperback. Published by Gazelle (for the National Railway Museum), Falcon House, Queen Square, Lancaster LA1 1RN. Tel: 01524 68765. £29.95
GLIAS members who attended the AGM in May were treated to a fascinating lecture by Michael Bailey and John Glithero on 'The Archaeology of the Rocket Locomotive' which outlined their research into the engineering and history of Stephenson's celebrated locomotive. Their meticulous research included a detailed archaeological examination of the surviving locomotive as well as archival material. Now the findings of their 1999 research project are available in this book which is a must for anyone interested in early locomotive history.
The core of the book examines the research project which included component removal, systematic recording, historical assessment and reassembly. The thoroughness of the project is evident from the many detailed technical drawings and photographs.
The book also covers the history of Rocket from the Rainhill trials, through its operation on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway and later at the Naworth collieries railway, to its preservation and display at the Science Museum from 1862. Also examined is Rocket's place in locomotive history.
The book ends with suggestion for future display and presentation of the locomotive, based on information learnt during the research project. Robert Mason

'Greenwich Riverside Path', by Mary Mills
ISBN 0 9535245 2 5. Available from M Wright, 24 Humber Road, London SE3 7LT. Tel: 020 8858 9482. £1.50 incl p&p (£1 in person; bulk discounts available)
An exploration and walk from Cutty Sark station at Greenwich to the Millennium Dome - guided along the historic industrial riverside by a local historian. Pictures by Peter Kent.

'Perspectives on Industrial Archaeology', edited by Neil Cossons
ISBN 900747 31 6. 176 pages, paperback. Published in August 2000, price £19.95
Today, we are surrounded by the physical legacy of over two centuries of industrialisation: factories, canals, industrial towns and cities. By the 1950s, some of these relics of early industry began to take on a new significance: they were seen as an archaeological and historical reflection that needed to be captured, by recording and occasionally preservation. Industrial archaeology arose out of a widespread recognition of this need. In this book, distinguished authors review developments in industrial archaeology in Britain from the mid-1950s, when the term first appeared in print, to the present and offer some prospects for the future. Publication coincides with the International Congress on the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage held in Britain in 2000.

'Mails Under London', by Len C Stanway
60 pages. Published May 2000 by AEPS Publications, 25 Clay Hill Road, Basildon, Essex SS16 5DD. Tel: 01268 522305. Price £9.25 (Cheques should be made payable to AEPS)
This book tells the story of the carriage of mails under the streets of London in the 19th and 20th centuries, including the Pneumatic Despatch Company's railways; the Post Office London Railway; carriage of mails and parcels on the railways which formed the London Underground; and postal material associated with London Underground companies. It will appeal to both railway enthusiasts and philatelists and is based on 20 years of research into original contemporary archives and first hand study of surviving artefacts.

'Inventing the Modern World'
ISBN 078946828X. 224 pages, hardback. Published by Dorling Kindersley in association with the Science Museum and Hulton Getty in September 2000, price £25
A companion to the new Science Museum gallery, Making the Modern World - inventions, innovations and events since 1750. This book is for everyone who wishes to learn more about the inventions, innovations and events, both in the UK and worldwide, that have played an important role in the history of technology and industry.

'Guide to the History of Technology in Europe 2000'
Paperback, 248 pages, £9.95
The fourth edition of this guide provides an improved, updated directory of over 1000 individuals and organisations involved with the history of technology.

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