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Book reviews - February 2000

'Greater London History and Heritage Handbook: The Millennium Guide to Historical, Heritage and Environmental Networks and Publications'
Published by Peter Marcan Publications, PO Box 3158, London SE1 4RA. £14.95 plus £2 p&p
Descriptive entries for over 600 organisations, including archives, libraries, local groups, council and non-council contacts, individuals, recent publications, articles, and local press. Arranged borough by borough.

'The Co-operative Way', by Ron Roffey
The 224-page book is available from R A Roffey, 17 Elmlee Close, Chislehurst, Kent BR7 5DU. £11.50 (plus £3.45 p&p). Cheques payable to The Co-operative Way
In south London the activities of the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society and the South Suburban Co-operative Society spread into all areas of life. These were not just retail organisations but maintained a large productive and manufacturing base - starting with a Woolwich corn mill in 1840. Ron Roffey has tried, in this 'official' history, to encompass it all - read it and be amazed at the size of it all! The book is well illustrated with many archive photographs and appendices that include addresses of retail and manufacturing organisations. Mary Mills

'The Old Dairy at Crouch Hill', by John Hinshelwood
The book (ISBN 0905794 23 4) is published by Hornsey Historical Society, The Old Schoolhouse 136 Tottenham Lane, N8 7EL
The dramatic dairy building on the corner of Crouch Hill has been a local landmark for many years. John Hinshelwood has made a workmanlike job of describing the building while researching the dairy company that built it. The pamphlet throws new light on the dairying industry in London and includes a discussion of the decorative methods used in the Crouch Hill building (which is also amply illustrated). Mary Mills

'Coming in to Land', by Tim Sherwood
The paperback book (ISBN 1899144307), published by Heritage Publications, Hounslow Cultural and Community Services, costs £11.95
It is always exciting when a book is published on a subject that has not been the subject of major historical writing. It is even more exciting when the writer has clearly used original sources. The book has an excellent bibliography and file number in the Public Record Office to indicate sources.

'Coming in to Land' is about the airports of west London. Starting with Hounslow Heath, where international civil aviation began on 25 August 1919, the book also covers Hanworth, Heston Air Park and finally Heathrow.

Throughout the book the author does his best to bring to life the ordinary people at the airports as well as the glamorous and infamous. He and the publisher should be congratulated for opening the door to an important period of airport history. John King

'Behind Bars: The Hidden Architecture of English Prisons', by Allan Brodie, James O Davies and Jane Croom
The 108-page paperback (ISBN 1 873592 39 6) is published by English Heritage, price £10. Available by post or credit card hotline from English Heritage Postal Sales, PO Box 229, Northampton NN6 9RY. Tel: 01604 781163. Fax: 01604 781714
Are prisons industrial archaeology? They are the work place of both the prison officers and inmates so they may qualify. Many of them also represent a particular building typology.

The RCHME (now merged with English Heritage) was offered a unique opportunity to record every aspect of prison life and visited every working prison, and a number of former prisons, in the country.

This book is an account of how prisons and conditions in them changed during the past 250 years and contains a wide selection of images of the buildings and the people living and working in them. Bill Firth

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