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Book reviews — February 1990

(published by East London History Society £1.90 from 38 Ridgdale Street, Bow, E3) is always a good read. GLIAS members will be interested to see that the first article in the 1989 edition is by David Leaback who gave a GLIAS lecture a couple of years ago. The article is a description of the author's early experiences of the East End and how they turned into a hunt for the remains and sites connected with W.H. Perkin. This is a fascinating article and should not be missed. MARY MILLS

THE IRON MOOR By Alen McFadzean
£6.90 plus £1 for postage and packing from Red Earth Publications, 7 Silver Street, Marton, Ulverston, Cumbria. LA12 0NQ, 148 pages
Few sites have yielded more treasures than the mines of Lindal Moor where hematite — the blood red ore — was first exploited by the Cistercian monks of Furness Abbey. Alen McFadzean unfolds the history and reveals the secrets of the Iron Moor from the advent of mining activity to its eventual demise in recent years. BILL FIRTH

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