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Book reviews — April 1987

A. D. George, a Manchester Polytechnic Occasional Paper, soft cover, A4, 22pp plus 4pp notes and references
David George has been researching early aircraft, factories, for some years. His latest publication summarises the results of a particular two year, part-time research project at Manchester Polytechnic.

Many of the firms, if not the specific factories, in the aircraft industry have their own books devoted to them so that in the short, compass of this occasional paper there can be no more than a very brief history of each site but what there is will whet the appetite for more. Of particular interest to industrial archaeologists will be the descriptions of what remains and the notes and references at the end of the paper.

This year's SERIAC Conference is on the archaeology of the 20th century; the aircraft industry is a 20th century industry par excellence and, since it has been estimated that only about one third of the space originally available for aircraft manufacture is now used, the archaeology of the industry is considerable. This paper is a very useful contribution to the subject and should have a wider readership than aircraft enthusiasts.

It can be obtained, price 75p from: A. D. George, Manchester Polytechnic, Faculty of Humanities, Department of General Studies, John Dalton Building, Chester Street, Manchester M1 5GD. BILL FIRTH

pub. Peter Marcan Publications, 1986. pp.58, A4
This new book is sub-titled 'A gazetteer to points of historical and architectural interest' and is described by the publishers as 'a handy guide', a questionable description of an A4 volume. The Dockland area is described in eight separate areas such as St. Katharine's, Bermondsey, etc. and each area is illustrated with one or more crudely drawn maps. The text is typewritten script in a typical gazetteer format with some well-reproduced photographs. Although not a pure IA guide the nature of the area means that many IA sites are included but the coverage is much wider including also public buildings and churches. The entries are on the whole brief and reasonably accurate. The book would not be a useful addition to those who already have 'DOCKLANDS' which includes a much better gazetteer by Bob Carr; or SELIA, or even the appropriate volumes of Pevsner. The last two of these are not given in the bibliography. It is not a value-for-money guide at £6.95. Copies can be obtained from Peter Marcan, 31 Rowliff Road, High Wycombe, price £7.55 including postage. DAVE PERRETT

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