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Book reviews — December 1986

Published by The Hackney Society. £4.50, pp60. A4
This report by the Hackney Society is a welcomed addition to the deformation available on this somewhat neglected area of London. Much of the report is the result of work started by the late Denny Edwards, who was known to many members of GLIAS and also of Malcolm Tucker.

There is a useful introduction outlining the Industrial and commercial development of South Shoreditch during the 19th century but most of the report is devoted to a gazetteer of the remaining buildings together with, very detailed architectural descriptions.

Although the bulk of the information provided is merely architectural description of existing buildings, this publication is of great use, in that, it has identified the industrial and commercial buildings of the area even though it stops short of providing a history of them. It is to be hoped that this, volume will stimulate others to embark on the detailed research that alone can provide a complete picture of the industrial development of this part of London. The report is well produced and generously illustrated. Chris Rule

'LONDON MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS'. Edited by G.M.S. Scimone and M.F. Levey
Canal Publishing Company, London, 1986. Price £8.50
This is a very useful work of reference covering the 'large, small, famous, little-known, mainstream, specialist, even on occasion esoteric, museums' of Greater London. In addition to a brief, but comprehensive, description of the collections, particularly useful feature is the information about research facilities and professional services available. There are also useful subject and location indexes.

One criterion for judging this type of publication is its coverage and here I must find fault. There is no mention of the Kirkaldy Testing Museum nor of the GWR centre at Southall. What other omissions may there be? Nonetheless I would repeat my opening comment — 'this is a very useful work of reference'. Bill Firth

A Gazetteer of the Railway Contractors and Engineers of Central England 1830-1914 has been published in seven books by The Melledgen Press, 71 Thornbury Road, Southbourne, Bournemouth, DH6 4HU, price from £3.40 each.

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