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Book reviews — August 1986

The DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY has of course been with us for many years, and is a useful source of reference about people our members might be interested in. Recently for such people it has been supplemented by the DICTIONARY OF BUSINESS BIOGRAPHY: a biographical dictionary of business leaders active in Britain in the period 1860-1980, edited by David J. Jeremy (London: Butterworths, 5 vols 1984-6 ISBN 0 406 27340 5). I am in no position to comment on any of over 1150 biographies contained in some 4500 pages (an index volume is to follow) except to note that the contributors include our President. Among the areas I am particularly interested in, railways, the cinema and accounting seem well represented, but brewing rather less so. I believe that the price of what looks like being a very useful work is about £65 a volume, but so far I have found sets in Baling, Marylebone and the Guildhall libraries. RICHARD GRAHAM

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