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Book reviews — April 1982

CURTAINS!!! is the title of a new book published in conjunction with a travelling exhibition which is at the Museum of London until April 18 1982. In the field of social archaeology theatres have been neglected but this book remedies this lack. A gazetteer has been compiled by a committee, with the help of SAVE, which lists all theatres in Great Britain whether open or not. Music Halls, often condemned as not being real theatres, are also included and the section on Greater London, complied by John Earl is particularly interesting. Short biographies of noted designers are also included, as well as a list of demolished theatres. At £5.95 this is a cheap, but fascinating glimpse of perhaps faded glories. One of the aims of the authors is to: interest the public in the restoration of 'sleeping beauties' of theatres and to awaken them to use for live theatres once more. Whether this is possible remains to be seen, but their book is indispensable reading for those interested in the entertainment industry, a neglected corner of industrial archaeology. Published by John Offord (Publications) Ltd. Edited, by Iain Macintosh & Michael Sell Sue Hayton

Walks in Industrial Yorkshire Series, Leeds, 1. The Bank by Janet Douglas & Ken Powell is the first of an intended series and the first publication of SELIA, originally set up to produce a gazetteer of South East London IA (hence the name) which may now be SELIA's second publication. A fairly straightforward IA walk, but perhaps founded more solidly on local historical research that is sometimes the case. Ken Powell is the Northern Secretary of SAVE. The plan on pp. 8 & 9 could be a little better but this is a minor criticism. The walk is to be commended in that it is one of the first publications of its kind to deal with an area very rich in remains, but somewhat lacking in active field workers. Obtainable from 35 Grange Grove, N1 2NP

Dalisy Bulletin is to be published 3 or 4 times per year. In the words of its promoters: "The main purpose of the bulletin is to publish topical reports & studies on all aspects of the stationary steam engine, giving particular attention to remaining working, endangered and overseas sites." This is very much a periodical for the hard-core stationary steam engine buff. Amongst the articles in the Spring 1982 number is one of special interest to GLIAS members: Valve Gear 2, features the West Ham Beam Engines. Also included is an article on a Ven den Kerchove tandem compound at Turnhout in Belgium and Lancs & Yorks. which, includes Leigh Spinners, Butts Bridge Mill, Leigh & Trencherfield Mill, Wallgate, Wigan. You will also find Thomas Walmsley's Atlas Forge by Chris Allen, Uffcolume Spinning Mill and an article on some less well-known boiler types. Illustrations are reproduced by a half tone system. Dalisy Bulletin, Volume 4, No. 1, Spring 1982, 40pp is obtainable from 3. Cooper, 73 Coniston Way, Blossom Hill, Bewdley, Worcs DY12 2QA ;and one year's subscription costs £3.50 incl. post.

£14.95 David & Charles 19.81' 2.6 8 pp, illustrated
Here in one volume is as complete and apparently authoritative book on every crossing of the Thames from Lechlade to the Gravesend-Tilbury Ferry. Nothing appears to be missed, even the 'lost' King William Street Tunnel is there. Each crossing receives between 1 and 8 pages of historical facts and relevant, measurements. There are a good number of photographs, but a few line drawings of cross-sections would have lightened the text a little. Overall this is a valuable volume and I think worth the money. Dave Perrett

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