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Book reviews — August 1980

THE GREAT DAYS by Douglas Cluett, Joanna Nash & Bob Learmonth
£3.50 from book shops or £4.15 including p & p for Sutton Libraries, the publishers, at Sutton Central Library, St. Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA
The story of Croydon Airport in the days of Imperial Airways (1928-1939). As you would expect its 200 pp of close printed text and pictures have plenty to interest the aircraft enthusiast, but it was chiefly as a book about people in the thirties that it found favour with me. The contrasting lifestyles of the flyers is striking; ordinary working people scraped up money for flying lessons or cadged trips, while aristocrats and millionaires bought themselves aircraft. Two women connected with the very human history of Croydon's early years were Amy Johnson — a typist from Hull — and Mary, Duchess of Bedford and both met the same fates disappearing while flying alone. A very good 'read' and a useful reference book, excellent value. Brenda Innes

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