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Book reviews — April 1978

The Industrial Archaeology of the British Isles — THE WEST MIDLANDS by Fred Brooks
1977 £6.95
The Batsford Series moves into England with this volume covering Hereford, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and West Midlands areas forming the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Fred is known to many GLIAS members for his efficient and friendly organisation of the last three A.I.A. conferences and this volume does him credit. He has spent at least one day per week for the last three years visiting each site mentioned. The sites range from the obvious ones like Coalbrookdale to many lesser ones including a fish and chip shop. Obviously many more could be included such as the now closed locomotive testing works at Rugby, but the coverage seems very comprehensive (well at least to a Yorkshireman). The site descriptions appear authoritative with a touch of humour: "HP Sauce Factory, Tower Road, Birmingham, but just follow your nose if you can't find it." As the Guardian article of November 30 1977 about the series said "will future enthusiasts before setting off on the Sunday afternoon excursion say 'Remember the Batsford' as we now call for the Pevsner". Dave Perrett

The Industrial Past Spring 1978 number is now available from Adrian Tayler (28 Tower Hamlets Road, Walthamstow, E17 for 30p + 9p postage. It contains articles on IA in Australia, Crossley Brothers (of gas engine and motor fame) and Accidents and Victorian Engineering.

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