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Book reviews — December 1977

A new magazine called Canal & Riverboat Monthly is to commence publication in the new year (third Friday in January) and the publisher — Lockgates Publishing Ltd — is looking, not only for customers, but for ideas, articles, etc., for the magazine. The Editor is John Beadsmoore of 15 Newstead Grove, Nottingham.

The latest GLIAS Duplication is Vincent & Son, Ltd, Cabinet Makers by Malcolm Tucker; fellow-author David Thomas supplied the 'review':

As author of the previous two reports on the Shoreditch area, I have no hesitation in saying that this is far better in terms of content and readability. Malcolm gives a short historical context of the furniture trade, history of the firm and then details of stages in making wooden cabinets. Available for 30p + 15p postage & packing from Adrian Tayler, 28 Tower Hamlets Road, London E7. (Cheques to GLIAS)

Adrian is also stocking the four following non-GLIAS publications, which can be obtained by sending him a cheque or at the GLIAS lectures. Through London By Canal 1885 is a reprint from Harper's Now Monthly Magazine and is an excellent primary source for contemporary opinion of canals, the people and industries on them and on their banks. It would also make an excellent guide to the Regent's Canal for anyone who cared to walk from Paddington to Limehouse looking out for thing that remained as described in 1885; probably there are still is on which squirming boys climb, trying to impale or, failing that, in themselves. This booklet can be obtained from Adrian for 45p + 1 5p 2 and packing.

Another pocket guide to London's canals Discovering London's Canals by Derek Pratt, 56 pages, 29 photos, available from Adrian for 60p + 15p.
At last a gap filled! An excellent short guide to London's canals aimed mainly at the walker, covering the Grand Union Main Line, Slough Arm, Paddington and Regent's canals and Lee, with a mention of several other waterways. After a brief historical introduction, features of each canal are noted with useful references to bus and underground routes and milages, ending with a list of book and useful addresses. Derek Pratt is well known as a waterway photographer and includes both a reference in the text and a photograph of the GLIAS-restored Limehouse winch now at Camden Lock. Elizabeth Wood

Surrey Industrial Archaeology by Gordon A. Payne, 64 pages, 38 photos, available from Adrian at £1.25. A gazetteer listing 84 sites with map references to another thirty or more. Divided by industry i.e. and glass. An introduction is followed by a selection of sites relevant to the particular industry, each site having an average of four or five line description and map reference. The one map included is rather confusing. Covering the present administrative county of Surrey with a few exceptions, a useful but somehow disappointing AI in Surrey. Elizabeth Wood

The London Stations by John Chesshyre, LISSCA, available from Adrian for 50p + 15p p&p. To coincide with their sponsored walk, the Liverpool Street Station Campaign has published this 24-page booklet on London's main-line railway termini. John Chesshyre has given a lively account of the history and vicissitudes of each station, accompanied by a well-chosen variety of old photographs, pleasantly laid out and with good quality printing. Malcolm Tucker

The London Borough of Sutton Libraries have just published the first part of a book on Croydon Airport; The First Croydon Airport 1915-1928 by Bob Learmonth, Joanna Nash & Douglas Cluett and it is available from Buttons libraries at £1.50. Croydon was London's main informational airport between the wars. Of particular IA interest are the section on the First World War National Aircraft Factory, Waddon, part of which survive in the present industrial estate and the final pages about the 1928 airport buildings in Purley Way, which are now used as offices. Thu book is very well illustrated, with particularly interesting pictures of the factory and good end-paper maps of the aerodrome. Derek Bayliss

Canals of Eastern England by John Boyes & Ronald Russell, published by David & Charles as the last of their British Canals series at £7.50 is obviously in a very different class to the booklets described above and certainly the quality of its binding, paper, printing and photographs go a long way to justifying its price; the scholarly, well-referenced and above all readable text completes the justification. The GLIAS canal-addict can put this book on his list for Santa Claus with the excuse that the first 50 pages or so deal with the London area, while those not particularly interested in canals may find here a good introduction to an important area of IA: fascinating photographs like the funeral party on a barge or the 1890s eel spearer are backed up by over 350 pages of wide-ranging information, including a tabulated summary of facts of a type that every reference work should have.

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