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Book reviews — February 1977

A reprint of a good history of the Regent's Canal is at last available, it is London's Canals: The History of The Regent Canal by H. Spencer and is obtainable from the London Art Bookshop at 7/3 Holland Street, W8 for £2.95.

Pinner Streets, Yesterday & Today by Elizabeth Cooper has photographs by GLIAS member David Bednall (69 of them) and is obtainable for 70p from: Publications Committee P.H.E.L.H.A.S.*, 121 Eastcote Road, Pinner, Middlesex HAS 1 ET.
*P.H.E.W! — it stands for Pinner & Hatch End Local Historical & Archaeological Society, in case you hadn't guessed.

The Hertford Loop the first hundred years of a local railway, by Peter Hodge, published by the Southgate Civic Trust, 70 Vicars Moor Lane, N21 at 60p sounds interesting if small — 32 pages, 6 photos.

The Centerprise Publishing Project of 136 Kingsland High Street, E8 do a number of inexpensive books/booklets? WORKING LIVES, Vol. 1 1905-45 at 85p comprises transcriptions of taped interviews with an embroiderer, First World War soldier, school teacher, child worker, demolition worker, tailor, leather worker, cabinet maker, casual worker, lighterman, shoe worker and a cartage contractor. Volume two will cover the period since the war; YEARS OF CHANGE (50p) is the autobiography of Hackney shoemaker Arthur Newton and A SECOND LOOK (95p) is the familiar 'then and now' book of photographs, which (to my great joy anyway) are becoming available for every area.

The Industrial Archaeology of The Stationary Steam Engine by R.A. Buchanan & George Watkins, pp. 199 1976 Alien Lane £7.50. The old Longman's IA series has reappeared under a new publisher and this volume looks more like an IA book than an industrial history, which was what most of the earlier volumes were. Using the NRIM at Bath and George Watkins vast personal knowledge, the historical section is now supported by a very extensive gazetteer detailing many hundreds of engines throughout the country. No entries we didn't know about in London, in fact some of those listed have now gone, but look at other regions and it comes as a surprise how many engines survive, there appears to be one round each corner. The information is first class, but who can afford this fairly small book at the price, not justified by either paper or production best get your local library to buy it and then be sure to read it. Dave Perrett

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