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Book reviews — December 1976

The Industrial Archaeology of Scotland Volume 1: The Lowlands and Borders by John R. Hume
Batsford 1976 279 pages £5.95
The first volume in the long-awaited Batsford series 'The Industrial Archaeology of the British Isles' with Keith Falconer as the General Editor. The format of this book is the reverse of the older David & Charles regional series: with only a short introduction (28 pages) followed by an extensive gazetteer arranged by county, sub-divided into parishes and including about 2,000 sites, each one concisely detailed, but for many the notes are tantalizingly too short. Although there may be too many 'roofless smithies', overall the mix of sites appears to give a fair and accurate coverage of the region. 70 of the sites are illustrated. The outline map showing some of the major sites lacks any reference points such as roads and railways. The sites are well indexed with regard to people and places, but lack of a detailed index of industrial types will limit its usefulness in studies of a specific industry. Such an index, when the series is completed, would be of particular value to researchers. Overall one is impressed by the large amount of effort compiling such a volume entails and wish our own Michael Bussell good luck in finishing the London volume in this series due to be published next Autumn. David Perrett


The latest Camden History Review is just out (No. 4) and contains an article on Hampstead Workhouse. Back issues are also available? No.1 had an item Industrial Archaeology, while No. 3 contained St. Pancras Workhouse and Hampstead Waterworks. 75p + 14p p&p from CHS Publications, 28 Willoughby Road, London NW3 1SA.

Bromley Local History Society has just brought out its first publication which looks good. At least half its 49 pages are of direct IA interest — notably a history of transport in the area and on article on the Wells shipbuilding family. 60p sent to F.D. Whyler, 163 Tubbenden Lane, Orpington, Kent will get you a copy.

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