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Book reviews — June 1973

The Blue Plaques of Barnet, Philippa Bernard — Editor
Hendon & District Archaeological Society, 1973, 30p. Copies are obtainable from: The Hon. Secretary, Hendon & District Archaeological Society, 88 Temple Fortune Lane, London NW11 7TX
Blue plaques commemorating famous former residents or historic sites are familiar in inner London: in the outer suburbs Barnet is one of the few boroughs to contain many. The present booklet provides about a page of notes on each of the twenty people or sites so marked in Barnet. Those of greatest interest to industrial archaeologists relate to John Norden the cartographer and to the sites of tollgates on the Finchley Road and the Edgware Road. Though one might quibble at such statements as 'Anyone could set up such a (Turnpike) Trust with little or no national or parliamentary control', the booklet as a whole contains much fascinating and useful information. The enterprise is one on which the Society must be congratulated. Martin Nail

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